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The Good Things

Sometimes we have weekends where a lot of things just don't go right, and this past weekend was definitely in that category. There's a lot of things about this weekend that I really would like to forget about, and then there are a lot of things I want to remember until I am old and feeble. Instead of groaning and focusing on all the things that weren't perfect about this weekend, Here's a pretty long list of all that went right. Sometimes it takes thinking about the positives in order to realize how blessed our lives actually are.

Things I want to remember about this weekend

  • laughing my head off at the sight of my roommate wearing a full-blown nun costume during her opera performance. 
  • having our sink plugged up on both sides because my roommate put grease down the drain
  • talking about future adventures and plans with Cierra and Syd
  • watching old scary movies late at night with the youngins 
  • pancakes and country music on Saturday mornings
  • playing the guitar with my dad and brother, dad singing high harmonies like Kermit the frog
  • throwing a bull-pen with my dad after not pitching for over 9 months
  • watching the sunset from my favorite spot
  • somehow ending up watching 2 hours of river dancing on YouTube with Dylan
  • reading outside in the breeze with my momma
  • dancing on the porch to make my dad laugh after a hard day
  • listening to sweet little June Christensen, aka my soul sister, tell about her love life in Sacrament meeting
  • slow Sunday mornings
  •  best friends who tell you everything will be okay from 500 miles away
  • roommates who lend a listening ear when you just need to vent

I hope you can find goodness in everyday as well. 
Life is hard, but life is good.
Love P

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