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the peach and the pits


just peachy:
late morning breakfasts on mothers day
having four sundays off in a row
late night drives
feeding the ducks at grandpa's pond
naps at 10:30 in the morning
bike rides with mom
evening pea-picking parties
mustache and unibrow selfies
working with my favorite people
temple trips with kelc
people who are good listeners
top plays on sports center
little league games that are actually exciting
clean sheets

the pits:
rude people at the lake
closing every night
conversations that go bad
teaching a primary class full of zoo animals
baptistery being closed
forgetting my memory card at junie's game
being humiliated by my boss at work

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Norkor N said...

Hi Paisley! New reader here, your blog is so lovely! Is there a way I could follow you?