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summer magic:: part 1


hello dear friends! I'm coming back from a little break from blogging, and although its been refreshing to just enjoy time with my family, its about time I catch you up on whats been happening around here. Summer is about half over as of today, and honestly I think this could turn into the best summer of my life. Work hasn't completely overrun my life like it seemed to last summer and every day has been filled with some sort of fun! I think that I could live in a world that is continually filled with summer, and i would be 100% satisfied.

Here are some of my favorite things we did to end May and kick off June... {part two coming soon!}

road-tripping up to slc to see family for memorial day
sitting out on g&g's porch until late at night
rediscovering our childhood homes and neighborhoods
trying to soak in every ounce of time I have with my great grandma {96 looks good eh?}
spending a few minutes in the secret garden, just like when I was a little girl
eating peanut m&m's out of the green dish
looking through old old photo albums of our swedish ancestors.. aren't they the cutest? 
celebrating grandpa pearson's birthday with chocolate cake
spending the morning reading in bed and doing the macarena to get the blood flowing
getting perpetually tan at kay & harley's pool 

Love P


The Stratton's said...

For realzies! Your great grandma is a doll. And just yesterday we were driving home from northern Utah going on a little field trip to see various temples. We were driving around the Jordan River temple and I told the boys that's the area you guys used to live. I meant for it to seem like a vague statement that you lived in that town, but Marshall was so impressed that you lived "right by the temple?!" Super cute...

The Stratton's said...
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