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San Diego // Day 3


//// things we loved about day 3 here in San Diego ////

spontaneous exploring trips into the city
pretty pink bushes EVERYWHERE
pictures with our eyes closed
mormon battalion museum... seriously so cool guys
panning for some "gold"
old town adventures
hiking up above the city 
balboa park 
walking along seaport village
riding an old carousel built in 1895 {totally worth the 3 bucks}
listening to a street musician while devouring our ice cream
sitting on a cow
trying not to die while going over the coronoado bridge (;
afternoon walks up to the pier
eating way too much food for our own good
endless games of cards and monopoly
naps on the deck
sitting out on the beach while the tide comes in

Question: could our trip ever get better?
 Answer: Yes. Because the sun has finally come out and we are off to coronado again today.
Love P

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