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the best part of october

{dad's idea... take a picture like russian interrogators} 
^^Is it possible for us to take a picture that doesn't look like this? No. 

//  K O L O B //
Every year as the leaves change from green to red, I count down the days until it's deer hunt weekend. The two days we get to spend up at the cabin and Oak Valley are some of the best days out of the entire year. The mountain was BEAUTIFUL and we definitely hit the right weekend to see all the fall colors. We went on dusty four wheeler rides, played a mean game of pinochle, and ate way too many cinnamon rolls. On saturday, we headed over to the flat and had lunch with the hunters. Colby pulled out the potato launcher and we watched the men run around the meadow like little kids. We had long girl talks that were way overdue. We got a little sun-burnt. And we had ourselves a real good time. 

Spending time with the stratton fam and being in the place where so many childhood memories were made... What could be better?
Fall Break, you haven't disappointed yet!
Love P


The Stratton's said...

You guys would be the worst interrogators ever!! Haha. I love all these pictures... I love your cute face and your talents. All these pics of nature on beautiful Kolob really made my day. <3 you!

McKenze Bauer said...

Again, such pretty pictures! Looks like such a good time. I love the mountains.