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currently, on november sixth

playing: endless 'words with friends' games with cait. So far paisley 4,  caitlin 0
watching: season ten of greys anatomy... Christina, don't leave!!!
reading: president monson's book, To The Rescue. SO GOOD.
trying: to catch up on all my laundry and homework
eating: a strawberry milkshake bc duh... college sucks and sometimes you just gotta treatyoself.
calling: my momma to remind her the plan for the weekend and catch up on silliness
texting: breezy to hear about all the crazy sand hollow drama that i'm missing
crafting: endless elementary ed posters and bulletin board designs
loving: long walks with cierra where we over-analyze our life and relationships
hating: the fact that I have to wake up extra early so I can scrape the ice off of my car
discovering: that i need to be happy in THIS moment, not wish for future days
enjoying: an evening where I can do whatever I please
thinking: that one can never watch too many christmas movies on the hallmark channel
feeling: like a train wreck because I don't know whats gonna happen in the future
hoping for: the next 5 weeks to zoom by, so that winter break is here!
listening to: country music + frank sinatra christmas... weirdest combination, I know.
celebrating: a week of hard work by taking a mini vacation to SLC with the fam
thanking: heavenly father for helping everything to go smoothly this week
finishing: putting up christmas decorations at the apartment
starting: a habit of healthiness and motivation to be better

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