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// good things from the past month//

watching gymnastics with cc
having good days with my practicum class
visiting logan and jess at sand hollow
losing to ty in pickleball
making valentines for people I love
deep cleaning the apartment
making my evil professor proud of me :') 
watching baseball up in the tower with mama and chantell
stargazing + drives around the lake
getting my insides scared out of me because of dumb boys
hiking hidden canyon with Kelc, Kenzi, Ty, and Zach
valentines date with the girls
hot dog roasts that last way into the night
blessings from dads when you have a bad day
going rollerblading at grams
violets in her lawn
cookies + girl talk with Meggy and CC
ice skating with ty + a family of polygamists
walks around the lake
good talks
girls nights with mom watching funny chick flicks
dates with L, playing cards and getting ice cream
laughing over how awkward singles ward is
finding out I'm gonna have a NEPHEW! 
going on spontaneous baptism trips
in-n-out with friends
belting out Ed Sheeran and Toby Keith with cc on the way home
watching McFarland, USA... SO GOOD!
honest conversations that go better than expected
fresh strawberries

Love P

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