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Hi Spring, We Love You!


Spring has arrived and it couldn't come at a more needed time. It is so nice to have some warmer weather and be able to be out + about more. A few weeks ago we headed down to Las Vegas for Spring Break and had such a relaxing trip. We did nothing but swim, sleep, eat, shop, and relax.... so basically the perfect vacation! Spring is always the craziest time of the year for me + my family, so we tried to have a nice vacation that allowed us to unplug from the rest of the world and enjoy our time together. And Spring Break definitely delivered! 

// Here are some good things about the break +life in general //

kicking off the break with 25+ hours of baseball games
stake conference 
playing volleyball with the fam
having time to read a book
road trip music 
sunny weather
lazy river races
night swimming
more baseball
christine coming home from her mission
watching the sunset at sand hollow
visiting Karen + Logan
christine's homecoming
spending time with jess 
switching rooms with dyl
crazy undercover missions with mom ;) 
getting back into the swing of things in cedar
having good days at Head Start + Iron Springs
hard situations that solve themselves
having cancelled classes
watching soccer with Ty
perma-smiles all day long
songs that say just what you were thinking
mini-miracles + tender mercies
friends that love you + never stop
answered prayers 
time to myself
friends to laugh with
happiness that comes from following a prompting

Hope your spring is off to a great start too!
Love P

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