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A Farewell to Summer


// see ya later, alligator // 

You know what's dumb? You wait around all year for summer to come, and then it finally does but it goes by in the blink of the eye! What's with that, huh??? I won't complain too much though, because I can honestly say this summer has been the best yet. I've finally mastered that balance between work + social life + family life + me time. I've learned to be a little bit more spontaneous, broaden my friendships, and be myself. I've been blessed with an awesome group of friends who help me get out and experience a little bit more, and I love them so much for it! 

Here's a little wrap up of some fun memories from the last two months: 

exploring dixie rock for the first time
swinging over st. george 
smoothies with friends
manti pageant with my family
gunlock trip with work friends
cliff jumping at swamp rat cove
hot dog roasts + star gazing on trampolines
trip to the temple and + the crepery
sleeping out with chantell and caleb
watching old john wayne movies and playing uno
having cait + charles + keagen here with us
pickleball family nights
fiesta night - papoosas + peaches
night swimming
jumping off the dock at midnight
tuachan with my mom
frozen lemonade
surgeries that finally worked!!
DIY-ing and decorating for college
answered prayers
days off to relax
operation funnel cake at county fair
homemade peach ice cream
watching dad's football practice
listening to his interview on the radio
bridesmaid fun @ madie + kristoffers wedding
dancing with family under the stars
packing for school
bike rides in the rain

Well summer, you've treated me well. 
Now tell your friend Mr. Autumn to be just as great!
Love P

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