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Falling for Fall

Each year, I can't wait until October comes into town and paints the world with colors that summer has never seen. As soon as the air gets crisp, I feel more alive and feel renewed to better enjoy life. If you know me at all (or have been following this blog for a while) you'll know that having marshmallow roasts up at Navajo Lake is my favorite college tradition. And each year it's the same story. I have to drag my roommates and friends up the canyon practically by their teeth, because no one realizes the magic that is Navajo Lake. So once again, we readied the group and headed up the canyon (this time I actually remembered matches!). By the time the colored trees and beautiful scenery came into view, people became more converted to the whole idea! 

We got to the lake just as the sun was creating the most beautiful sunset, and I fell in love with this place for the umpteenth time. We took a bazillion pictures, listened to some Norah Jones and roasted smores to our hearts content. It was a night to remember and I am so glad I persuaded these peeps to drive a little further and come up the canyon with me. 

Hope your October is the bees knees. 
Love P

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