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December Sunshine


Hello? HI!! I know you probably all thought I had fallen off the face of the earth.. (which is 100% true)... But I finally had a spare second to blog about one of our adventures. 

Last week we got out of the house and decided to enjoy the sunshine a little bit by hiking at Red Cliffs.  Living in Southern Utah is always the best during the winter months, because while everyone else is shoveling the snow off of their sidewalks, we put on a light jacket and can still go have some fun!  The whole fam came along, even little Keag!!  (ISN'T HE SO BIG NOW?!?!) Spending the day with them was perfect, and definitely lifted our moods.  

p.s.  life is so good in my neck of the woods! I finished a busy semester at SUU and went home to start a busy holiday season with my family. I loved spending time with my little nephew, my brothers, and sisters, and my parents! Also... there may or may not be a cute boy I am loving spending my time with too... But that is a post for another day ;) 

Hope your New Year is off to a great start!!
Love P 

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