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Happy at the Happiest place

We've been home from California a whopping five days and I am already missing the time I got to spend with my family. We haven't taken a trip without extra cousins or family in so long, and it was nice to just have time together, just the six of us. (We missed having Cait + Charles with us, but they were busy with work and getting into a new house.) We spent eight glorious days in Anaheim and it couldn't have been more fun! We spent three days at Disneyland + California Adventure, and yes... we continued the tradition of the ugly yellow family shirts. We did, however, convince our mom to let us also add in a day of blue shirts and a day of red shirts! ;) While we were definitely not the best looking people in the park, I'm convinced we were some of the happiest. Our family does Disneyland pretty hard core, with limited breaks or slow perusings. It's basically three days of half speed-walking/half jogging from one ride to another while dad meets us with fast passes. It's crazy and exhausting, but I honestly don't think we could do it any other way! 

Our family is at a really fun stage right now. This was the first Disneyland trip where we didn't have to push around a stroller or waste precious time going on dumbo rides. Poor little Caleb, his legs are still half the size of ours but he did a good job keeping up with all of us older kids. It turns out he and Chantell are quite the little courageous spirits. We convinced them to go on all of the bigger rides in the parks, and they eventually caught on to the idea that bigger is better! :) We also had a few days to just relax at the pool or read + take naps at the condo. I think I slept 19 million hours while I was there, but hey what's a little vacation without some rest, right?! 

With everyone growing up and being so busy nowadays, it was nice to be able to get a way from normal day-to-day life and spend some time together. :) Family is one of the biggest blessings in my life, and they are definitely what make me the happiest! 
Love P 

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