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Someone You Need To Meet

So a while back I may have hinted that there was a very cute boy that was taking up a lot of my time, and I figured that it's about time I talk about him...

In November I got set up on a blind date with this guy named Colten Warren. I had never met Colten before, but two of our mutual friends were going on a date together and we ended up as the other couple on their date. #the sacrifices we make for friends. The night was pretty awkward, and I could only squeeze a few words out of him the entire time. I did, however, learn that he had just gotten home from serving an LDS mission in Jacksonville, FL and that he had actually served with one of my best friends, Christine Cram, while he was there. Thankful that I could go to my best friend for reassurance, I sneakily texted Christine and asked her what she thought of Colten. I almost instantly got a reply back saying that she had absolutely loved serving with him and that he was one of the best guys she knew. Whew! At least I knew he was a good guy and that he was probably just still in that post-mish awkward phase. 

The night ended and I honestly didn't think that it would go anywhere. We had both done our civic duty to double with our friends, and that was that. However, when I saw him at a devotional the next night, we continued talking. He was still a little bit awkward, but we ended up having a great time talking and seemed to hit it off. We went on another date the next weekend and I had a blast. I knew him a little better at this point, and we spent the whole night laughing and talking. From there we spent a lot of days together, and started officially dating about three weeks later. 

Now, a little bit more about Colten. He grew up here in Cedar City and did cross country, track, and soccer in high school. He graduated from Cedar High in 2013, the same year I did!   He ran on the SUU Track team and finished a year of school before serving a mission in Jacksonville. Colten is now back at school here at SUU and working towards getting his degree in Communication. He loves sports and spicy mexican food, and can sing 80's songs like nobody's business ;) 

We have been dating for four months now, and I am completely in love with that boy. We are probably one of the few blind dates that actually ended up going anywhere, but I'm so glad they did. He is so great and has made my life so full of happiness! We are so similar and enjoy the same things. He makes me laugh, and I can't imagine loving anyone else. :) 

...So there. Now you're just about caught up on all my life's going-ons. ;) 
I promise to keep things more updated around here... fingers crossed it actually happens. 
Love P 

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