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Spring Snippets


// when you work on loving life, life will love you back. //

I think if I could have one wish, it would be that I could live these last few months over and over again. I haven't been to good at blogging, but I like to think that I've been so busy enjoying life that posting about it got put on the back burner... not necessarily a bad thing, right? ;) 

Things here in Cedar (and Hurricane) have been crazy but so fantastic! I am loving where I am at in the Education Program, and still love teaching so much. I've also loved that my schedule this semester allows me to get out and have a lot of fun, and I've already made so many memories from the last few months.

... So like always, here are some of the things that have made life so splendid. (ps sorry its long enough to reach china... but I had some catching up to do!) 

having a dinner-date reunion with the high school girls 
snow days spent sledding and watching anne of green gables in our pajamas 
dinner with colt's fam on sunday nights
watching the office + having homework parties
waffle luv 
watching SUU basketball on Thursday nights
emilee talking in an indian/irish accent all night
date night up on dixie rock
going to Ace with dad to get popcorn
walks around the temple 
Keagen's big cheeks and bald head
playing pickleball and taking a nap in the shade
spontaneous road trips to parowan with emilee
milkshakes + long talks about life 
ditching class to go to red cliffs
colten's laugh
night swims at the PE building
rocking my teaching days *fist pump*
road trips to cali in the big white van
entire days spent reading + relaxing
the whole family in yellow shirts
pineapple dole whips
all fitting on mom and dad's bed
splash mountain at night
hot tubbing + firework watching from the roof
surviving the mexican ghetto 
ice cream cones on our last night at disneyland
dads who are roller coaster champs 
adventures up to the C
getting back to cedar + getting back into the swing of things
people to laugh with 

Definitely seeing the benefits of loving life. 
Love P 

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