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Where We Went: Oceanside,CA


We just returned from the most heavenly family trip to Oceanside, California and it has made coming back to reality the hardest thing EVER.
Our family started going to Oceanside about five years ago + we come back as much as we can. (this trip with the cousins was an all time favorite!) It's a smaller beach town located near carlsbad + about 45 minutes from San Diego. It has all the charm of the California Coast + makes you fall in love with it the minute you arrive. 

 This time around, We spent nine days at Oceanside Harbor + did as much swimming, eating, napping, and boogie boarding as we could cram into every moment. It was so fun to have most of my family there (poor dyl had to work!) and spend so much time with them. As much as I love recording our trips + experiences through photography, I tried to keep a balance between keeping family fun just between us, yet capturing some moments that we will want to remember... It was refreshing to keep the camera in the bag a little more than usual + just focus on spending time with Colt + my family. 

I'm more of a list girl than a writer, so as always - here's a list of some of the best memories from our time in Oceanside. 

starting off the trip by celebrating keagen's two year old birthday.... (p.s. remember this? oh how time flies!) 
exploring the beach at sunset
sacrament meeting @ oceanside ward
boogie boarding + high tide
playing pinochle nonstop
getting our butts whooped at tennis
sunburns sunburns sunburns
sandcastles with caleb
late night talks + strawberry cheesecake ice cream with colten
early morning walks through the harbor village
fish + chips
sunset market + live music
watching surfers from the pier
exploring downtown oceanside
all nine of us piling into the old white van
dad driving with no shirt + mexican music blasting
waking up early with mom + visiting on the balcony
clean white sheets #bestpartofvacation
shopping trips with mom + the kids
spending hours by the pool
swimming with stingrays (not intentionally... but they were everywhere in the water. #sketch)
last hurrah ice cream + live music at the harbor

I'm constantly wishing that this trip wasn't over, because it means summer is over for me as I transition into life as Mrs. Warren, first grade teacher!
 More on how that is all going in a future post ;) 
Love P

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