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22 Favorites from 22 Years old

// I stumbled across this picture the other night and thought that it summed up life as a 22 year old. Perfectly happy. 
And as I reflect on all that this year has held, I couldn't help but put them in a list so that I'll always remember everything that made me that way //

  1.  Finishing student teaching at South Elementary.
  2. Getting my first teaching job (before graduating!)
  3. Graduating with my closest friends from Southern Utah University.
  4. Spending Spring Break floating in the lazy river, playing volleyball, and soaking up the sunshine.
  5. Kayaking in Long Beach with Colten.
  6. Going to Lake Powell for the first time & trying to learn  how to wake board.
  7. Spending a week in Oceanside with my family, boogie boarding and walking the beach early in the morning.
  8. Watching my nephew Keagen dance to the live band outside the harbor bar.
  9. Celebrating our first anniversary in Las Vegas.
  10. Going camping for the first time as a "family". Colten hogged the blankets and I froze to death. 
  11. Setting up my classroom in 100 degree weather with no AC.
  12. Watching plays in the evening with Colt with our season passes to USF. 
  13. Having time to do more photography & blogging.
  14. My first day of teaching 1st grade! What a surreal experience. 
  15. Discovering podcasts & realizing they were a GAME CHANGER for my walks. #wontquit
  16. Finding out I will be getting a new niece in March.
  17. Reading more books - something I haven't had time for since high school!
  18. Sleepover + mini reunion with Em. It's amazing how much we are still the same after almost a year!
  19. Going hard at Lagoon with the fam. Give me a poncho and I can and will ride rattlesnake rapids over and over and over. 
  20. Bunco nights with the girl cousins & aunts.
  21. Attending our very own Cedar City Temple that is only 5 minutes away.
  22. Ending 22 with family.
Twenty three sure has a lot to live up to!
Love P

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