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Sweet + Sour // July


// Some snippets from July that are a lot sweet, and a little sour // 


  • making new friends
  • afternoon rainstorms
  • magna parade for the 4th 
  • retirement party for my sweet friend karen @ good old sand hollow
  • shopping trip with colten + kev + ilona
  • temple trips + long talks 
  • palette creamery on stormy summer nights
  • oceanside trip with fam
  • sunset market, walks down the pier, ice cream from mom+pops
  • bachelorette marathons on weekends


  • going to the dentist for 4 cavities
  • sunburns on the first day of vacation
  • ^^ back to school nightmares in July
  • when all of your produce goes bad before you can eat it
  • having to wait a week for the new nashville episode (#firstworldproblems)

So much love for July + again realizing that the sweets always outnumber the sours. 
Hope your July was everything + more. 
Love P

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